Welcome to Roger Vardy Stockwood.
Here you will find a large range of quality walnut gunstock blanks, including:

  • Rifle Blanks - Singles & Matched Pairs
  • Takedown Blanks - Singles & Matched Pairs
  • Mannlicher Blanks (up to full Kentucky Size) - Singles & Matched Pairs
  • Shotgun Blanks & Matching Forends - Singles & Matched Pairs
  • Small Shotgun Blanks for Single Shot & Lever Action Rifles
  • Pistol Grips Blanks - To be Added.
  • Knife Handle Blanks- To be Added.

All gunstock blanks are cut from mature English walnut trees and have been air dried for over 10 years. View our about us for further visual information regarding the harvesting and process we undertake here with our stock.
Please contact us for further information through the site.
Alternatively email us directly at ravardy@bigpond.com.
Phone us:
For international phone calls: +61 3 5756 2411 

For national phone calls: 03 5756 2411